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How can Stephen help?

Stephen’s illustrations are commissioned by both private and public sectors. Borough councils; housing associations; development corporations; architectural, planning and urban design consultancies; and private developers employ him to provide illustrations in support of their development proposals. His drawings appear in reports, consultancy bids, public consultation exhibitions as well as feature in the professional press. Clients especially appreciate that Stephen’s illustrations are informed by his considerable experience as a design professional.

Stephen is comfortable working in a variety of media and can adapt his style to suit the task at hand. His images can be spontaneous and impressionistic or more finished, depending on the nature of the brief.

His work can be in black and white and coloured, by hand or electronically. Images can be scanned and sent out as pdfs, as hard copies or both.

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Contact Stephen

For any enquiries please contact:

Stephen Peart

Phone: 01603 396625

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